The Success Story of a Fried Chicken Entrepreneur, Considered Dead by His Own Family

This success story is about Purwanto, a fried chicken entrepreneur in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

I accidentally met Purwanto who was currently ordering cutting stickers for his product brand, some time ago. If he hadn't told me about himself, I certainly wouldn't know his life story.

Not a few citizens of a country who try their luck to other countries. The hope must be to get a success story, not a sad story.

The Success Story of a Fried Chicken Entrepreneur, Considered Dead by His Own Family

Likewise with Purwanto, a man born in Cilacap, Central Java who at that time migrated to Jakarta. The good news is making money in Malaysia makes him tempted.

He then left. Arrive in Malaysia. Apparently his fate was not as lucky as other people who were successful in the country. He was tricked by his foreman into not receiving a salary.

In order to return to Indonesia, he borrowed money from a friend. Together with several people, he was returned to an island in the Riau Archipelago Province by boat.

Working as is, Purwanto finally arrived at Tanjungpinang. But his will to be successful in Malaysia is still strong in his heart.

In Tanjungpinang he worked for a businessman. Purwanto became a driver, willing not to be paid as long as he could be helped to enter Malaysia again.

But the hope never came. Meanwhile he had to support himself. Once upon a time, God found Purwanto with Yadi, a government official who lives in Teluk Bakau, Bintan Regency, Riau Islands.

Coincidentally at that time Yadi was building a house. Purwanto was then invited to work there. With great diligence he worked tirelessly.

When Yadi's house was finished, Purwanto was paid IDR 2,500,000 or US$172. He also returned to Tanjungpinang.

Purwanto lives around Batu 3. With the money he has, it's not enough to pay for his trip to Malaysia.

He then remembered, while working in Jakarta he was used to seeing fried chicken vendors. This fried chicken is a kind of fried chicken, there is a crispy flour wrapped around the chicken meat.

Using his bicycle, Purwanto shopped for fish, flour, cooking oil and other necessities. Previously he had found a place that could be rented.

The place is near Zoom Supermarket, Jalan Pemuda, Tanjungpinang. The cart for selling fried chicken was made by himself using used wood.

The provision of his expertise as a builder is useful when he makes a sales cart.

On the first day Purwanto brought three chickens. Then fried on the spot and displayed on the cart. He did not think that the sale at that time was still considered strange by Tanjungpinang residents.

"That was in 2006," recalled Purwanto while talking to me.

On the first day, one hour of his merchandise ran out. The next day he added the chicken, it was gone. And so on.

Until the month of Ramadan or the month of fasting, he increases the number of fried chickens. It turns out that per day in the fasting month, Purwanto can spend 100 kilograms of chicken meat.

In total there are 40 million pocketed. But there is one thing that makes him sad. For a long time he could not communicate with his family, as well as his wife and children.

He deliberately did not tell his family when he did not have any business. His family also never knew if he failed to migrate to Malaysia.

Now, with the money, Purwanto finally sent a letter to his family. He told me that he already had an established business in Tanjungpinang.

But how surprised Purwanto was when he received a reply letter. His family thought he had died in Malaysia. Apparently someone with the same name as him, who also worked in Malaysia, died in prison in that country.

Then someone told his family. Purwanto burst into tears when he heard the news.

Soon he returned home to pick up his wife and child. It also confirms that he is still alive. Not many believe the success story that accompanies him is so winding.


Purwanto's success story could be just an empty story if he doesn't believe in something. When he was at his lowest point, he just prayed and tried to survive.

Now Purwanto owns a house, a car and a well-established business. He can also send his children as high as they want. But this man has not forgotten his hard times.

"Don't give up when tested by God," he said.

One important thing he conveys is, never be afraid to try. Purwanto is also like that. He had never sold fried chicken before, only seen traders doing it when he was still living in Jakarta.

"If at that time I failed, I would not be disappointed because I tried to do it," he said.

Hopefully this success story can inspire us all. ***

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