I Work at Home, How About You?

I work at home, only relying on a cutting machine, computer, printer and heatpress. That's the confession of a number of people I interviewed over the past few days.

Not everyone who ended up choosing me to work at home planned it long ago. There were also those who were initially confused because they were suddenly laid off by the company where they worked.

I Work at Home, How About You - priyo
You can do something like this at home. Photo - priyo
You certainly know that during the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees were laid off. It means being fired. Although there are those who get severance pay, the amount is limited. Used for daily needs will eventually run out.

The perpetrator's confession is that I work from home, creativity is still very much appreciated even during the pandemic. In Indonesia, the government imposes restrictions on community activities. Almost the same as the implementation of the lockdown in many countries.

The people I interviewed all owned sticker businesses. Some are just cutting stickers, some are digital screen printing, some are a combination of the two.

I Work at Home because of Corona

I Work at Home, How About You - machfut
Machfut is working on wrapping a motorcycle. Photo - machfut
This confession was conveyed by Machfut, a t-shirt screen printing business owner in Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands Province. Instead, he started his business about a year ago. That means the world is already experiencing a pandemic.

Being dismissed from work makes him have to rack his brain so that he can still support his wife and children. A few days later he tried to find a business gap that could be done with a small capital.

The choice is on digital screen printing. He bought a Chinese cutting machine with a size of 30 cm, a heatpress machine and a computer which were all used. Just a brand new A3 size printer from the store.

"I work from home, only serving orders via Instagram. It turned out to be good," he told me last Monday, January 31, 2022.

The first week he only posted sample screen prints. It was only on the 7th day that he got his first customer. With his patience Machfut was able to support his wife and children.

Later he also received motorbike wrapping services

I Work at Home for Efficiency

I Work at Home, How About You 4
Priyo is finishing his stickers on the truck alone. Photo - priyo
Another story is Priyo, the owner of a sticker business who mostly works on car wraps. This resident of Bermi Village, Gembong District, Pati Regency is working on an order for vehicle stickers in front of his house.

"I work from home because I don't rent a place," he confessed through a message via his Facebook messenger, Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Although in the city, renting a shophouse is not as expensive as in a big city, but the problem is the imposition of restrictions on community activities. He did not dare to defy government regulations, neither did his customers.

Applying me to work at home according to this father of three children is more fun. Because he can work at any time while maintaining health protocols according to government recommendations.

The owner of this Zahara Sticker business relies on a cutting machine for the Liyu TC brand which is 80 cm wide and a computer. He designs, cuts, assembles and installs them in his own home.

Another advantage is, he also does not need to pay for lunch or afternoon. If he is hungry he just goes into the kitchen to enjoy the menu his wife makes.

I Work at Home because of the Rules

I Work at Home, How About You - eko
Eko is busy working on people's orders at his parents' shop. Photo - eko

Eko Sulestyo is also one of those people who enjoy working from home. This resident of Batu 5, Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands uses his parents' kiosk to open small stickers.

He put up a banner in front of his stall big enough to invite people who missed it. The struggle is quite long, to be able to feel the results.

"I work from home because of the rules set by the government," he said while drinking coffee with me at Suntu Beach, two days ago.

Eko only has a CraftRobo cutting machine which is only 20 centimeters wide. With a machine of this size he can only make cutting stickers with a maximum letter height of 19.5 centimeters.

If someone orders a letter sticker with a width more than that, he refuses it. He is quite clever just by making mini cutting stickers that are small in size. That way the function of the cutting machine can be maximized.

According to Eko, applying my principle of working from home actually gave him an unyielding spirit. At first he did not think that working from home could earn him an income.

However, the corona virus has proven to make many people, including himself, more daring to face the realities of life.


The people I mentioned above are my work at home followers. When almost all countries in the world cannot be sure when the Covid-19 pandemic will end, then it's time for you to dare to make a decision.

Machfut, Priyo and Eko are only a few of the sticker makers in Indonesia who can work from home. Of course, there are many advantages that can be obtained compared to working outside, for example in a company.

Because there are also many companies that apply a salary of half the usual because of the corona. Indeed, the number of days that work is reduced, the problem is that there are families to support at home.

It's not uncommon for buyers who are far away to find your product on social media or the marketplace. That's what our three sources use this time.

This means that for promotion they use zero fees, only buying internet quota. After all, not even for business, everyone today must buy internet quota.

When Machfut, Priyo and Eko dared to say I work at home, what about you? ***

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