Be a Professional Car Wrapper

Car wrapping is a profession. Same with teachers, doctors, bank employees and the like. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have professional people.

Many car wraps can be found in various countries. In Indonesia, almost in every city there is a place to put a sticker that has a car wrap. But not all of them have work professionalism.

Before going further, I will tell you that the article I wrote is for those of you who are just learning to pursue the sticker business. Or people who have plans to open a business.

Be a Professional Car Wrapper
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Because most of the material is a problem in the middle class sticker business. If you are the manager of a sticker booth that is already large, the place is spacious with dozens of employees, the writing on this blog may not be interesting to read.

Back to car wrapping, there are several things that must be done so that your work is appreciated by consumers.

Professional Car Wrap

Here are some things you can do to establish yourself as a sticker maker who will be respected. Respected not because of fear or other things, but because of the way you work and your appearance that makes consumers happy.

1. Greet Friendly

Whoever it is a consumer who enters your workplace, greet them in a friendly manner. If they are sitting too close to you working as car wrappers, please ask to move in a nice way.

Good words or language style will create empathy for the other person, even though they really want to see how your work process is going, when it's time for them to move, you have to ask to move.

2. Explain in detail

Before you actually wrap the consumer's car, ask in detail what they want. They could have asked for the car to be fully wrapped. But it could be that his thinking changes when you provide input.

Although the input is only a suggestion that the roof of the car be given a different color. Not one color for all full body car. Or at the bottom right and left are given a little writing to make it cooler.

Not all vehicle owners will wait for your vehicle to work. If they are busy people, don't let any information cut off. If that's the case, your work may not satisfy consumers.

Between you and the consumer blame each other. Keep the information and provide a complete explanation of your duties as a car wrapper.

3. Wear the Uniform

In my opinion, employee uniforms are not only the right of big companies. Your small sticker holder, only in a medium sized store, can also look more convincing with a staff uniform.

Now it's easy to make screen printing shirts. Write with your business name, logo and so on. Even if it is necessary to include the name of the car wrapper on the shirt he is wearing.

The point is, if one day there is a problem, the car wrapper who worked on it will take responsibility for it. Because sticker installation is a service business, people will quickly forget it if there are employees who work carelessly.

Trust me, the uniform will make you more convincing.

4. Mastering Tools

There is a heat gun or heater that accompanies your work while working. There is also a dangerous sharp object called a cutter knife. A professional car wrap will avoid problems with these objects.

For example, his hand was scratched because he was careless in holding a cutter knife. Or the skin on the palms of his hands was injured because he carelessly put the heatgun after use.

If consumers see things like that, they may think you are an unskilled employee. It's even legitimate that they think you are a car wrap just learning.

It's definitely not good if your work is supervised by consumers. It's different if you look skilled at using a magnet hook, knife cutter or heatgun. People who see it will be impressed.

5. Wear Gloves

Only gloves. The price is not expensive. But increase confidence. Use special gloves for car wrapping with selected materials. This will make it easier to install stickers in difficult places.

Gloves also prevent you from work accidents. For example, accidentally pinched a car door, a part or something fell. Good glove material makes maximum pressure on the sticker material but reduces the taste of cheese on your fingers.

6. Cut Results

You guys who work in a small sticker shop, the only weapon for cutting is a cutter knife. Unlike the big and well-known sticker holders, they have a special tape for cutting the sticker material.

The ribbon in the form of thread will be attached to the part where the sticker material will be covered. Once the ends are pulled, the edges of the material will be cut off automatically because the threads were sharp.

While you are using a cutter knife. The risk is that the paint on the car body can be scratched. Your career as a car wrapper is over if that happens.

Do not forget to cut the tip of the cutter knife if it is no longer sharp. There is a risk of producing a rough cut.


What I wrote above are just a few things. Of course there are some other things that you can add yourself.

What can be drawn from this article is, how does a car wrapper have a sense of responsibility towards his job? Every job has its own risks.

The question is, if you are able to minimize that risk, why should you be desperate to do it? You work for the trust of car owners. Those who feel job satisfaction are not only you, but also them.

Hope you guys become professional car wrappers. ***

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