Pay Attention to Buying Motor Decals Online

It is very common for young people to buy motor decals to enhance the appearance of their vehicles. And buying it online is an option.

It is undeniable, the progress of the times has changed the way of shopping. Previously, people who would buy something to his shop directly.

They have to vote, bid and pay directly to the shop owner. But since the world was introduced to the internet, everything has changed.

Pay Attention to Buying Motor Decals Online
Motor decals like this are very much sold on the internet, you can choose them at will.

Now if you buy a motor decal, just open your cellphone. Looking for a marketplace that has many types. If it is appropriate, just check the list and pay using the online bank application.

The many types of motorbikes also make motorbike decals very much. For example, one motorcycle brand, many series or variants. By the decal maker everything is made.

One series of motors can be up to thousands of drawings or designs. It's fun for you, because you can get it according to the design you like.

Motor Decals Online

If you pay attention, it looks like the motorbike decal ordered at the online store is exactly the same as the motorbike pattern in the garage. Indeed, by the maker must be made according to the pattern of the motor.

But in reality it is not so. The following are some of the disadvantages of buying motor decals online.

1. Year of Motorcycle Manufacturing

For example, your motorbike is the latest CBR150R, try to really find the right motor decals. Don't just buy it from the picture.

The year of manufacture of the current motorcycle with the previous year is not necessarily the same. This is your mistake when buying motorcycle stickers online.

Make sure if your motorcycle was made in 2000, buy a sticker with a 2000 pattern. And so on.

2. The Size Doesn't Fit

As a result of a careless purchase, the size of the sticker may not match the media to be installed. It can be installed, meaning that it is forced to be installed.

However, the results are definitely unsatisfactory. If the media is smaller than the width of the motor decal, it doesn't matter. The excess pattern can be cut using a cutter knife. The sticker maker is good at it.

It will be a problem when the width of the motor decals is smaller than the medium to be pasted. The motorcycle body is not completely covered with stickers.

3. Ink Color Quality

The photos uploaded in online stores will not be 100 percent the same as the original color. Usually the original color is a few percent more concentrated.

If you are a person who really cares about things like that, you may be disappointed when the package arrives. Then you leave a bad comment on the online store.

Certainly not the fault of the online shop or the designer alone. You should also anticipate the color change.

4. Pre-order

My advice, order the desired motor decals first from a professional service. Many people who advertise themselves receive sticker making services.

Moreover, you want to check the CMYK or RGB color codes. Write down the color you want to use and then send it to the service maker.

Even so, not necessarily the color can be exactly the same. A very mature color calibration technique is needed if you want the same color between the desktop and the printout.

By pre-ordering colors, chances are you'll get the right sticker. And the price is definitely more expensive than you buy ready-made.

5. Ask Sticker Material

There are still more things you should pay attention to when buying motor decals online.

That is the problem of the sticker material. There are cheap, medium and expensive sticker materials. For this problem, you should first consult with a sticker maker who will install your sticker.

Unless you're going to install it yourself. Don't lose twice if you're just trying. Because installing a motor decal is not an easy job. Must be done by an expert.

Don't believe your eyes. It looks very easy, all you have to do is heat the ingredients and then press them with a squeeze. In fact, it can be done by a sticker maker who has been doing his job for years.

Usually, the sticker installer will give a reference to what brand of material is comfortable for him to install.


By reading this article, I hope you are not wrong in choosing a motorcycle decal. Online shopping is very common, please do it. Provided with the considerations above.

Beautifying a motorcycle can cost quite a lot. Pay attention to that, don't just because the desire is another need is forgotten.

There is one more money that you have to pay, namely the service of installing a motorbike decal in the sticker holder. Wisdom is the key.

Hopefully this Pay Attention to Buying motor decals Online article is useful. ***

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