Silhouette Cameo, Reliable During a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for many businesses to survive. Have you ever imagined that a silhouette cameo could be so meaningful at a time like this?

Not only small businesses, many large companies are unable to deal with it. So if your current status is unemployment, it doesn't mean that there are no more opportunities to improve the family's economy.

Corona has forced people to work from home. Those who are still given the opportunity to work should be grateful. Because it's still much luckier.

Silhouette Cameo, Reliable During a Pandemic
One of the series that you can buy is Silhouette Cameo 3.

Today many people no longer have a job. Some try to do something that ends up being against the law. The consequences must be borne alone. Don't copy something like this.

This article is just trying to give you an idea, even a home business can bring in money. Even the arrival of the pandemic did not have much effect.

In fact, there are those whose business is increasing. Talking about cameo silhouettes, of course, it can't be separated from sticker or t-shirt printing. Although this sticker cutting machine is only one device apart from the others, it is a must.

About Silhouette Cameo

Since the presence of the Silhouette Cameo a few years ago, actually the world of stickers or screen printing has a special guest arrival. Because this machine has a very reliable ability.

In Indonesia, the country where I live today, these sticker cutting machines are also widely sold. Of course, those who do not realize its potential are considered inferior to the Chinese machine.

Indeed, the price of a Silhouette Cameo which has a cutting area of ​​30 cm is equivalent to a Chinese cutting machine with a cutting area of ​​60 cm.

But the features that the Silhouette Cameo brings are far more advantageous. In Indonesia alone, there are many clothing stores with their own designs, especially in your more developed country.

In the past, only those with large capital could open a t-shirt shop. Not anymore. Relying on cameo silhoettes, transfer paper and color printers, you can open your own t-shirt outlet in the living room.

Don't worry about where your shop is, because buyers are now accustomed to seeing your posts on social media or websites instead of coming directly to your shop.

This American-made sticker cutting machine has proven to be helpful for many small business people.

Main Features of Silhouette Cameo

One of the functions of this cutting machine is contour cut. It can be adjusted to crop the border pattern of the image. If your design is a circle, he can make it a circle.

Likewise with other shapes or patterns, the edges will be followed by this smart machine.

This feature is very important when you plan to sell t-shirts with limited designs. If you are good at drawing, you can pour it on the computer, then print it on a sheet of transfer paper.

After that cut the edges of the design using a Silhouette Cameo so that it is neat. Prepare the shirt to be screened, place it on a heatpress machine or heater.

Close the heatpress for a few seconds, so now you can produce t-shirts with your own unique writing or image. The good thing is, you can sell t-shirts in units.

In addition to screen printing, you can also offer a variety of cutting srikers for various purposes. Whether it's a motorcycle, car, cafe and so on.

You will remember, there was once a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) sticker which was very popular a few years ago. You can even find it in the marketplace.

With this cutting machine, you still have the opportunity to earn money just by working from home. Make a charming and attractive cutting sticker design, offer it in an online store.

Business Choice with Silhouette Cameo

There are at least two attempts you can do. Of course this is related to the capital you have. But believe me, the capital is not as much as you set up a cafe or restaurant. It's a big difference.

The first attempt is cutting stickers, all you need is a cameo silhouette and a computer. Computers here can be personal computers (PCs) or laptops.

The second is digital screen printing. You will need a cutting machine and a computer plus a printer, transfer paper and a heat press machine.

Please browse the prices based on the country where you live. In Indonesia, the price may be more expensive because a lot of equipment is still imported from abroad.


A silhouette cameo will only be a useless item if placed on the table. It will be dusty, cobwebs and like garbage.

This is just a tool, a machine, a device that will only function when there are humans who manage it. The point is to face the economy during a pandemic, the key is the people themselves, you alone.

It could be that just starting from this mini cutting machine, your life will change. If I look and browse on YouTube, there are still some countries that don't have videos about Silhouette Cameos.

The possibility there is still very large business opportunities. Start from the right and left neighbors, with cheap products.

From zero to hero, is that you? Hopefully this Silhouette Cameo article, Can be relied on during this Pandemic is useful. ***

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