Magnet Hook Makes Car Body Wrap Easy

Car body wrap is one of the services that are usually always available at the sticker shop. In addition to paint, stickers are also the choice of many people to color their cars.

Why do people choose stickers to wrap their car bodies? The main reason is that it takes less time to paint.

Moreover, the sticker material is now getting better and better quality from year to year. Sticker material manufacturers also continue to conduct research to create the best material.

Magnet Hook Makes Car Body Wrap Easy
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There are several types of car body wraps that are commonly used by vehicle owners. First, wrap the car body in full, meaning that the entire body is covered with sticker material. Second, partially wrap the car body, including the installation of stripping, lines and other ornaments.

If you are one of those people who like stickers on vehicles, try to pay attention when the sticker maker works. There is an object that is small.

However, its use is very important in the sticker installation process.

Magnet Hook (Vinyl Wrap Magnet)

In sticker circles, this object is called a magnet hook. Why use the word magnet? Because it has a part that contains a magnetic force. Magnet Hook is also often called a vinyl wrap magnet.

If you are a beginner or someone who is just getting into the sticker business for the first time, a magnet hook is a must have. Choose a smooth bottom surface.

The point is when accidentally shifted, it doesn't leave scratches on the sticker material that will be used to wrap the car body.

How to use a magnet hook is to unroll the material, for example on the side of the car. Attach the magnet hook to the end of the material and then unscrew the remaining coil to cover the side of the car body.

Imagine if without the help of this small tool. To spread the sticker material on the side of the car must require the power of at least two people.

Obviously, the magnet hook makes it easier for you to spread the sticker material for the wrapping process.

Magnet Hook Makes Car Body Wrap Easy

Not only useful when spreading sticker material, magnet hooks are also very helpful during the wrapping process. For example, if you want to install the material from the back or from the middle to the front, just add a magnet hook in the middle.

With its magnetic strength, it is able to hold or attach sticker material to the car body. Of course his power has a limit.

You also don't have to pull the sticker material hard because it's useless. Pull as necessary so that the magnetic hook position does not shift.

The work of wrapping the car body will be completed quickly if you use this tool. Two people can work on two different sides of the car.

One on the right and one on the left. Each side only required the power of one person. The rest let the magnet hook do its job.

The shape of the magnetic hook itself is very diverse, besides the quality you can also choose. There are round, square, square, rectangular or oval shapes.

Functionally, everything is the same. Just want which model you want to buy.


If you open a sticker business and receive car body wrap installation services, try to have a magnet hook. Consumers would prefer to wait for their car to finish wrapping, not too long.

The reason car owners are willing to have their vehicles installed with stickers is because they don't wait too long like painting. With the help of a magnetic hook, a sticker maker will get his job done faster.

Hopefully this article Magnet Hook Makes Car Body Wrap Easy is useful for you. ***

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