Be a Wrap Auto Then Travel Around the World

Becoming a professional wrap auto is not an easy job. It takes years of experience to do this. There is no instant way.

But I'm sure there aren't many people on this earth who aspire to become an wrap auto. That includes those who are stuck in this work. But in the end they enjoyed it.

It can be said that someone who has the skills to put stickers on a vehicle has lower prestige than other jobs. Even though technically, out of 100 people, there is not necessarily 1 person who can do it.

foto carwrapping amsterdam 2
Jan Sapury in the midst of his busy schedule at work in the Netherlands. Photo - facebook carwrapping amsterdam

I live in Indonesia, a developing country consisting of many islands. Here, you will easily find a sticker maker in every city.

Their presence exists on many levels. Some are home-based businesses, roadside, small kiosks to large shops. Not a few Indonesians are able to support their families with the sticker business.

Wrap Auto Expert

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Jan Sapury with KPPS people during his visit to Indonesia to share knowledge. Photo - facebook jan sapury

This is a true story that is known by thousands of sticker builders spread across Indonesia. In Indonesia, there is a sticker maker association called KPPS (Community of Sticker Sellers and Installers).

Among its members share knowledge, also share files. They had a special guest named Jan Sapury several times.

From browsing, I got information that Jan Sapury, who is an Indonesian, now lives in the Netherlands. His main job is as an auto wrap expert.

He had attended Kopdarnas KPPS and shared the knowledge of auto packs. He passed on his knowledge to Indonesian sticker builders so that he had professional quality.

This man is also not stingy in sharing his knowledge. Although he did not meet face-to-face with a sticker maker in Indonesia, Jan Sapury still uploads a video tutorial on Carwrapping Amsterdam Facebook.

Jan Sapury is just one example of a human who dares to step out of the safe zone. He chose to travel the world, putting up stickers in various countries.

Whether you are citizens of China, America, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries, the auto pack business still has a chance.

Contest for Wrap Auto

Be a Wrap Auto Then Travel Around the World 56ghdhjf
Azka Wrap and Jury of Fespa World Wrap Masters Asia 2019 in Thailand, early 2019. Photo - dunia warna

Competitions related to auto packs are always crowded. For example, Fespa World Wrap Masters Asia WWMA 2019 which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, 21 to 23 February 2019.

Azka Wrap, a member of KPPS Indonesia, won the first place. Azka's departure to Thailand received full support from KPPS.

Quoted from, this contest became a prestigious event for auto wrap. Participants must be able to incorporate style, technique and innovation into their work.

"If you are a car wrapper, or just interested in learning more about effective promotional tools through stickers, the World Wrap Masters Asia Stand could be your destination during the exhibition," wrote

The committee has developed a fairly strict strategy for each participant. There are four rounds, one of which is the creative round. Here, participants wrap cars and other items using Hexis vinyl.

Azka and other participants were judged based on the quality of the sticker material they applied to the object. The winner of this competition will automatically qualify for the final which will take place in Munich, Germany, from 14 to 17 May 2019.

This is where wrap masters from Asia, Africa and Turkey meet for a battle of wrapping skills. Whoever wins deserves the title

The three judges invited by the committee were not just any contest judges. The three are Ole Sunshine from Denmark, Kiss Lajos from Hungary and Peemawat Nuchpoom, master wrap from Thailand.

Ole is a coloring and wrapping expert, owner of Suntint A/S. This company was founded 20 years ago and is currently working more on installation projects. Throughout his career, he has wrapped more than 20,000 cars with sticker material.

“For me, wrapping is a passion. I always play with the latest tools, materials and techniques," he said, still from

The next jury is Kiss Lajos, owner of the Fixfolia company and has wrapped cars around the world. He was a 2014 and 2015 World Wrap Master. He later withdrew as a participant and continued to support the world of wrap by entering as a judge for the contest.

Lastly, Peemawat Nuchpoom, nicknamed Mr. Art, owner of the Dang Sticker company. This man is considered a pioneer or pioneer of the wrapping business in Thailand, which has been providing services for more than 40 years.

Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, Peemwat not only wraps cars in his country, but also reaches Hollywood.

"What we do is not just wrapping, but focus on the unique design of each vehicle. We were the first to find a special technique in Thailand," he explained.

His clients are not just cars, but jet skis and motorbikes to enter global contests. He also hopes that this contest will improve vehicle wrapping capabilities in Thailand and Asia.

Well, what about those of you who are confused about what to work as? Moreover, you believe that you have talent as an auto pack.


The world of wrap auto is still wide open for those who dare to accept the challenge. Of course it takes extraordinary hard work so that the results of the touch of his hand do not disappoint customers.

Asking the experts is one way to become a great sticker maker. In addition, continue to study and learn through various media.

Especially now that it's easy to find tutorials as a sticker maker on YouTube. Want to wander around the world? Be a wrap auto. ***

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