Brother ScanNCut SDX85, Create Easy Stickers

Maybe not many people know that Brother doesn't just manufacture printers. It turns out that the factory also produces a smart machine called the Brother ScanNCut SDX85.

The Brother ScanNCut SDX85 is a unique device. The function of the sticker cutting machine can be done, but it also does its job as a scanner.

Not even a few users in the world call this machine a combination of a cutting machine and a plotter. Both can operate equally well.

Brother ScanNCut SDX85, Create Easy Stickers
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It has a cutting area of ​​12 inches by 12 inches or 30 centimeters. It's not as big as other cutting machines whose size is 60 centimeters to 120 centimeters.

However, it is proven to have reliable advantages for business capital. The cutting results are very precise with high precision.

Of course, every device has its weaknesses, but apart from that, its scanning capabilities are very worthy of thumbs up.

If you've bought several cutting machines and don't have experience with scanners, it's a good idea to try buying this Brother ScanNCut SDX85.

Admittedly, its scanning power makes this machine an amazing piece of technology.

Simply put an image, and scanners will do their job and generate a number of options. What kind of cutting results will be, it's up to you.

You can enjoy its main function as a cutting machine like most other machines. Use the computer to design and then cut as usual.

Then what distinguishes the Brother ScanNCut SDX85 scanner from other cutting machines?

If you use this device, performing the contour cut command is an easy job.

Simply by using the control buttons located on the right side of the device, the task can be completed.

That's what I call the scanning sophistication of a sticker cutting machine. You can even paint by hand on sticker paper, then scan the pattern, adjust with the button, and the contour cut is created perfectly.

The Brother ScanNCut SDX85 has an overall white body. While on the sides there is a light green color.

When the front is opened, you will see the inside of a sticker cutting machine. Complete with holder, roller, and so on.

Although the size is relatively small, the buttons and display screen are made in an upright position at the top right of the machine.

This cutting machine and scanner are also capable of detecting pressure and speed during operation. You can request cut through, half break, and so on.

If you want to use it like a plotter, just replace the knife holder with a pen holder. Thus it will become a plotter who is also able to work on detailed designs.

When you buy this machine, you will get a sheet of cutting matt in the form of adhesive media. The point is, you can cut the material by attaching it to the cutting matt.

The material will not fall even if the substrate is pulled into the machine. Can Brother ScanNCut SDX85 be able to cut lengths with a width of 30 centimeters?

Yes, you can use roll material to make long cuts.

This machine is equipped with WiFi facilities so that it can receive designs through other devices.

That's a little overview of the Brother ScanNCut SDX85. Hope it's useful. ***

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