Remove The Power Plug on The Teneth TH 740 Sticker Cutting Machine

The sticker cutting machine is an electronic device. Inside there are circuits, elements, wires that are all related to electric current.

Proper care on a sticker cutting machine will extend its life. No matter how expensive this object is, if it is not cared for, its lifespan will be shorter.

Even with good and regular maintenance, cheap sticker cutting machines can last longer. Just like with other machines, it requires attention because it has helped its owner earn an income.

What I write here is based on personal experience. Not long ago, the Teneth TH740 brand sticker cutting machine was damaged.

Remove The Power Plug on The Teneth TH 740 Sticker Cutting Machine

Suddenly the knife wouldn't go down. The position is fixed. The buttons on the cutting machine are all normal. The speed and pressure controllers work fine.

Likewise, the regulator for moving the roller so that the sticker material can enter is also normal. Even when I try to press the test button, the machine needle and holder move in a pattern.

The damage looks small. Maybe it would be different if the engine was completely off. There is no electricity at all.

In addition, when I tried to make a design on the computer and gave an order, the sticker cutting machine reacted. Everything as if a normal machine.

Unfortunately, the sticker material that I put on was not cut off at all. Because the needle can't go down. Let alone cut, not even scratched.

Buy Cable

I then discussed with friends in the group who discussed sticker cutting machines. Some people suggested that I buy a head cable.

This cable is located above the engine cover. The shape is like a ribbon but long. along the width of the cutting machine. It's a little longer because it has to be attached to the side of the machine.

I bought it through online. After this cable came, I opened the cover and plugged it in. I threw away the old cable, I replaced it with a new one.

In order not to put it wrong, I made a video call with the cable seller. He gave directions and I followed.

When I tested again, it turned out that the new cable didn't solve the problem.

Change Motherboard

I contacted a technician who specializes in repairing cutting machines. I called him, told him about his illness. He made sure he could fix it.

Then I send the goods using airplane cargo so it's fast. After the item was checked, the technician contacted me and said my Teneth TH 740 motherboard had to be replaced with a new one.

He then took a photo of the damaged motherboard condition. The cross section is no longer straight, but curved upwards.

He said the damage had occurred because the electric current entered continuously. This means that when the work is finished, the power plug is not unplugged.

And indeed what he said was true. I rarely unplug the cutting machine. Just turn off the computer. According to the technician earlier, with the current continuously entering it creates a hot cross section.

Until the shape is curved upwards. Indeed, there are some burnt electronic components.

When the item is sent back to me, the first thing to do is check. As usual I make a design and then I give orders.

This time my sticker cutting machine works as usual.


With this experience, I would like to remind those of you who have a Teneth TH 740 to always disconnect the cable when you are done with work.

This unplugging job doesn't take up to five minutes. Even just a minute. But something that looks small can cause a big problem.

Of course, I suffered quite a lot of losses for refusing consumers who came to make sticker cutting. Hopefully this article is useful. ***

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