Do you want to be a Sign Sticker Distributor for Vehicles?

Sign stickers are very useful in everyday life. His presence helped people to be more alert.

PT TID, a sign sticker factory in Fujian Xinliyuan, China is offering its products to various countries in the world. Therefore, the presence of distributors in these various countries is needed.

I got this information from Rich from the company. In my country, Indonesia, a signed sticker is a reflective sticker material recommended by the Department of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia for security reasons.

You must know that goods transporting vehicles such as boxcars, containers and the like sometimes load something heavy.


If it is not heavy, it can also contain materials that must be properly secured. Not infrequently these types of cars have to drive in the middle of the night.

If you only rely on the existing lights, it is possible that the driver in front of him or behind him may not be aware of the risk of an accident.

With the help of a light-reflecting sticker, it adds to the amount of sparkling light from a freight car.

This is expected to increase the vigilance of other road users and be aware of being near a freight car.

The need for sign stickers is an effort by the Indonesian government to prevent traffic accidents on the highway.

This regulation was issued in early 2020. In this rule, it is stated that all owners of goods transporting vehicles are required to install additional light-reflecting devices (APCT) in their vehicles.

In fact, one of the causes of freight vehicle accidents is that they are not equipped with additional safety lights or signs.

As a distributor of course there are terms and conditions that must be met. The manufacturer will provide more information regarding the Dishub light-reflecting sticker.

Sign Sticker Type


Rich said the sign stickers produced by the company he worked for were quite diverse. Including the color and the hologram.

The type of sign sticker has been sent, for example, to The photo is like the one I show in this article.

Rich said all of them use quality materials so they are suitable to be installed in freight cars as Additional Light Reflecting Devices (APCT).

Apart from being used for transporting goods, this reflector sticker can also be used as a safety marker. For example in project areas that require caution.

Because in addition to the plain motif, there are also those with arrows. The direction of the arrow can be adjusted according to the conditions in the field.

Rules in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the use of sign stickers is regulated through the Decree of the Director-General of Land Transportation Number: SK.5311/AJ.410/DRJD/2018.

It contains Technical Guidelines for Additional Light Reflecting Devices (APCT) on Motorized Vehicles, Trailer Trains, and Patch Trains.

If you read it carefully, then the types of cars that must use car reflector stickers are clearly mentioned.

In these regulations, reflector stickers must be installed on small, medium, large, maxi, trailer, outboard, and double-decker buses.

Meanwhile, goods cars that are required to be affixed with Dishub kir stickers are types of open cargo cars, closed cargo cars, and towing cars.

1. Truck Sign Stickers


There have been mistakes made by sticker installers all this time. They use plain, plain reflective sticker material, which is commonly used to make cutting stickers.

Whereas in the above rules there are points that include APCT in the form of stickers that can be seen by drivers of other vehicles in the front, side, and behind at night from a distance of at least 200 (two hundred) meters.

The light reflection of the sticker can even be seen at a distance of 200 meters when the light reflecting sticker is illuminated by the headlights of an approaching vehicle.

This obviously requires a custom-made car reflector sticker. One of them is produced by PT TID, Fujian Xinliyuan in China.

Based on Mr. Rich's explanation from the company, the place where he works does make special reflector stickers.

"It is our main product, reflective film, and reflective tape," he answered via WhatsApp when asked about about PT TID's products, Saturday (11/13/2021) WIB.

2. Sign Sticker Color and Placement

Here are the rules regarding sticker color and where it should be placed.

  • The Auxiliary Reflector or APCT must have the following colors:
  • Red, for Additional Light Reflecting Device attached to the back of the vehicle.
  • Yellow, for Additional Light, Reflecting Devices that are attached to the side of buses and goods cars.
  • White, for the side of the Additional Light Reflector which is affixed to the sides and front of the Trailer and Trailer.

PT TID Products


There are two types of sign stickers produced by PT TID:

1. Reflective Tape

Namely a sticker whose shape has been cut as determined by the Directorate General of Land Transportation.

That has a rectangular shape, with a length of 60 centimeters and a height of 5 to 6 centimeters.

"We make the length per roll or roll, so just cut it according to the rules of each country," explained Mr Rich.

2. Reflective Sheet

The form is per roll or large roll. The size per roll is 1.2 meters x 45 meters.

"The colors are blue, light yellow, red, white, dark yellow, dark blue and orange," Rich said while sending a photo of his product.

Requirements to be a Distributor

To become a distributor of sign stickers from PT TID, you are not allowed to buy in small parties. Rich said anyone who is interested can contact him for more intensive communication.

Because this is trade between countries, the producers are in China while you are in your respective countries, of course, there are conditions that must be obeyed.

There are documents that must be prepared by the sender. Likewise with your obligations as a potential main distributor.

"Please contact us to discuss the problem of being a distributor of sign stickers. car reflectors in Indonesia. We will be happy to discuss with you," said Rich.

Machine Made


You can see a glimpse of the PT TID dp reflector sticker production process in the video below.

From the video above, we can see that everything is done automatically using high-tech machines.

Business Opportunities

In my opinion, sign stickers are not only used in Indonesia but in all countries. Maybe the rules that set it apart, the stickers could be the same.

The opportunity is great because there are so many four-wheeled vehicles that have to order the APCT earlier. For goods cars, for example, what must be used is a car like an open cargo.

Then a closed cargo car, a tank car, and a towing car. From the type of car, the goods are enough.

Especially with other types of vehicles. This means that you have a fairly lucrative share.

Contact Rich Here

Hopefully, this sign sticker article is useful. ***

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