Masking Tape, Types, Sizes and How to Use

Hi, sticker friends who are always tough. Try checking today whether the supply of masking tape is still enough for the next two weeks? If the rolls are running low, there's no harm in ordering again before they run out.

Why do I suggest that? Because people's sustenance who knows. God could have given an order today from a company that ordered a lot of cutting stickers. But they only need the sticker, the company employees will do the installation.

That means your masking tape supply will be used a lot, or even less. It's more fun if you also get the chance to install it. Besides being able to offer installation costs, the masking tape can also be saved. Well, if a sticker maker who has been around for years must have special tips, usually a sheet of masking tape can be used many times hehe.

What is Masking Tape

Masking Tape, Types, Sizes and How to Use

Before I go further into discussing the matter of masking tape, it wouldn't hurt my friend to know what is the thing called masking tape itself? Don't ask people who don't understand, you know. Although both layers of clear plastic are self-adhesive, not all of them can be used to attach cutting stickers.

Masking tape is a clear, self-adhesive plastic layer used to remove the cutting sticker from the backing paper. With this item, a sticker maker can easily move sticker cutting that is ready to be installed onto the media.

From the factory, it is rolled very tightly. It is different from sticker material which has two layers, namely a layer of adhesive sticker and smooth paper on the bottom layer or backing paper.

If you want to use it, it must be opened first and then cut using a cutter knife. Try to cut it evenly, meaning it doesn't leave any jagged marks because the knife is no longer sharp. Because if that happens, it will be difficult the next time you want to use masking tape.

It's easy to tear if there are scratches that will make you unable to open it from the roll smoothly. When the coating is opened and hits a jagged piece, it will tear to form its own path.

How Masking Tape Works

For those who just want to get into the cutting sticker business, the picture is like this. My friend just cut the sticker material in the form of a TEST POST, for example. When it will be installed on the wall, how can you keep the distance and evenness of the writing as expected?

If you want to take the letters one by one, ah what a mess this world hehe. Well, this is where the superhero named masking tape is needed. Take enough masking tape, cut it using a cutter knife, then place it on top of the TEST PASANG text.

Don't worry, the piece of masking tape has a connection. Because the size of the masking tape is generally 60 centimeters wide and 90 meters long. Be smart, my friend, how to use this item sparingly.

Then flatten with a rakel or squeeze or kape. Next, bring the cutting sticker that is still attached to the backing paper to the wall where the writing will be attached. Position it so that it roughly fits where you want it.

Have a friend hold one end or the middle. Try not to move anymore, then remove the backing paper from the sticker. If you can tear the middle, near the hand of a friend who is still holding the center of the sticker.

Slowly stick the cutting sticker that has been coated with masking tape on the surface to the wall. Use the racket again. If it is installed, repeat the process for the part that was still held by a friend. This time, you don't need a friend's help to hold it.

Isn't half the sticker already attached? If the other half is left to continue, it is immediately leveled with a squeeze. Now, after the sticker is perfectly attached, please pull the end of the masking tape layer from the top or bottom right side, top or bottom left side. Then slowly release it until everything is detached from the TEST INSTALL sticker.

Non-stick adhesive

If you are a beginner, you usually wonder if the cutting sticker doesn't come off when the masking tape is removed from the sticker surface? The answer is no.

Why? Because the adhesive strength is not as strong as the adhesive in the cutting sticker material that is already attached to the media to be attached. Unless the media to be affixed is wet or there is oil and dirt, it is possible that the cutting sticker will come back up again.

Therefore, it is obligatory to clean the glass, oil-painted walls, or other media to which the stickers will be attached with a clean cloth. If necessary, first spray water that has been mixed with a little liquid soap to clean the surface.

Let the sticker really stick tightly. Like a very close love, like Laila Majnun or Samson and Delilah. Eh, Indonesia also has Romi and Juli, adopting Romeo and Juliet.

Choosing Masking Tape

Cutting Stickers cannot be separated from masking tape. Indeed, there is a pattern of cutting the sticker after it is cut, it can be installed by hand without masking tape. However, masking tape remains an important part of the sticker cutting business.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of masking tape on the market. However, most sticker-cutting players in Indonesia only rely on one masking tape.

Masking tape is actually a bridge from vinyl graphic design to the goals to be achieved in the media. The media can be glass, plastic, vehicle bodies, house walls, or other rougher surfaces.

There are three factors that must be considered when choosing a masking tape, the first is the adhesive strength of the masking tape and the sticker material, the second is the adhesive strength between the masking tape and the media and the adhesive strength between the sticker material and the media.

If the adhesive strength of the masking tape is stronger than the adhesive strength of the sticker and media materials, it will be difficult to install the sticker. When the masking is removed, the sticker that has been installed is also pulled from the media. Because there are many types of sticker material that are not so sticky when installed on the media.

1. Paper Masking Tape

Basically, this masking tape is a product of the adhesive tape industry. Even though the paper is somewhat see-through, you can still see the shape of the sticker cutting when it is layered on. But not transparent.

The advantage of paper-based masking tape is that it has pores. If you want to apply the cutting sticker with a wet technique, using paper masking tape will be more fun. Because it is porous, water that comes out when pressed with a squeeze can rise to the surface, wetting the paper masking tape.

The pressure from the squeeze can force water out through the pores of the masking tape, the water can be wiped off with a tissue or soft cloth.

Paper masking tape is also the right choice for installing cutting stickers made of matte or matte materials or in Indonesia it is often called mist material. The popular ones are Oracal or Mactac Doff products.

The masking tape will stick firmly, and when you peel off the sticker from the backing paper, it will lift off easily.

2. Plastic Masking Tape

This masking tape is transparent because it is made of clear plastic. The advantages of this masking tape are for installing many-colored stickers that must be overwritten.

With its transparent nature, it will be very easy to determine the right position where the sticker will be affixed in place. Suitable for stickers with complex designs and need a lot of parts to be put together.

Plastic masking tape is impermeable to water so it is not recommended to install cutting stickers with a wet system. The water at the bottom of the plastic masking tape will not be able to come out, making the sticker adhesive to the media takes longer.

Plastic masking tapes also tend to conduct static electricity. As a result, it easily sucks up small dust which will certainly affect the smoothness of the installation results.

This type of masking tape also cannot be applied to sticker materials that require heating to attach or dry them. For example, for t-shirt screen printing sticker material.

Masking Tape Buying Guide

Choosing masking tape cutting stickers for sticklers can of course be done while closed hehe. So skilled and who knows how many tens of rolls have been spent so far.

But choosing a masking tape cutting sticker for beginners requires some guidance. At least you don't get stuck on a cheap price but the quality is cheap, especially when you get a high price but don't use it at all.

Because of that, the next step is to use a wide masking tape like masking tape. To reduce the adhesive strength, stick it on the glass display case several times so that the glue is not too strong. After that, it is used to coat the cutting sticker that will be used.

This is especially for beginners, who are just getting into the world of sticker cutting, if you are an expert, please skip it.

1. Width Size

Buddy must know exactly what width masking tape is needed? For example, friends who until now still rely on CraftROBO should buy masking tape with a width of 20 centimeters.

Those who use Cameo 3 should choose one that is 30 cm wide. Or those who use Jinka, Redsail, Innograph, Teneth, Rhinotec which are 60 centimeters wide, you should also buy masking tape as wide as the cutting machine's cutting area, which is 60 centimeters.

2. Cuts

The second thing you have to pay attention to is the cut marks. It could be that the shop you went to to buy masking tape cut this coating with a cutting tool whose blade was no longer sharp.

If my friend is not careful and the cuts are not neat, for example, there are repeated cuts, it's better not to buy. Why? because when you open it, it will usually tear in that part. This of course harms my friend. It must be uncomfortable to put masking tape on and off when seen by customers, right?

3. Thick Thin Material

The average thickness of masking tape sold in Indonesia is not much different. If it is too thick or too thin, it will be difficult to install. Too thick will cause problems when used to lift sticker cutting and then install it in extreme places. Meanwhile, if it is too thin, it will tear easily.

A good masking tape has the right thickness. Indeed, if the plastic is very thin, it is lighter when weighed and reduces the cost of shipping. While those that are too thick make you have to pay more for shipping costs.

4. See-through

Masking tape is used to lift the cutting sticker onto the media to be pasted. If the masking tape has a clear plastic material, of course, it will be easier for you to stick it because the letters or designs on the cutting sticker are clearly visible.

Meanwhile, if the masking tape is opaque, and a product like this exists, even I've had one, it will be difficult to use. It's off-white, unbranded, that's what I've ever received.

5. Plastic Flexibility

The off-white masking tape I've ever bought has flexible properties. So when it's installed and something is bubbling, it's really hard to justify. He is too easily delayed or attracted.

Even when used to coat cutting stickers that are 20 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters long, it requires hard work. The material is too flexible. Buy masking tape that is stiff, can't be pulled out right away. We tolerate flexibility because it is definitely needed when mounting on a convex medium, such as a helmet.

6. The adhesive

If the masking tape can be used several times, why throw it away? Isn't that right mate? I used to often see friends using used masking tape by sticking it on the glass wall etalase. So if they want to use it again they grope first.

A good masking tape can be used several times, provided it is not exposed to water and wet. I give an overview. Buddy gets an order to put writing on the bulletin board, for example, the writing is like this Read Cuttingstickerupdate Before Sleeping and the number is 20 boards.

If you finish installing the words Read Cuttingstickerupdate Before going to bed one and will install it on the next board, will you use new masking tape? Okay, if you really are a waste of masking tape, it's not a problem.

Incidentally, there is not much masking tape left, like it or not, you have to use the used one, right? Now, this is where it is important to choose a masking tape cutting sticker that has a durable adhesive.

The current estimated price for masking tapes made in China such as Transsign, Seichotepa, Pro tape, and so on, measuring 60 centimeters x 90 meters is IDR 400.000. You have to pay a higher price if you use a well-known product masking tape such as Orafol's Oratape.

Pandemic Edition

All businesses, on average, have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Likewise with the sticker business players. This is not denied by Eko, the manager of Artistic Sticker who is currently still studying at a private university in Tanjungpinang City.

He then showed me a receipt for the purchase of sticker materials and other equipment from Jakarta.

"This one, buy two rolls of masking tape at once because the length is less," he said.

Under normal conditions, Eko can spend one to two rollers of masking tape with a size of 60 cm x 90 meters. However, at the time of his last shopping, a few days ago, he was informed by a distributor in Jakarta that there was a 60 cm x 50-meter wide masking tape.

Although there is no difference in function, Eko has to pay more expensive shipping costs. This happens because each roll of masking tape is equipped with a paper pipe in the middle.

On the 60 cm x 90-meter masking tape, there is only one paper pipe in the middle. While the masking tape rolls thickened. When buying two or three or four, yes that's as much paper pipe in the middle of the roll. Want to know how to choose a masking tape, just click.

The weight of one roll of masking tape measuring 60 cm x 90 meters is lighter than two rollers of masking tape measuring 60 x 50 meters. Because there are two pipes of paper.

You can see several layers of masking tape pieces on the back window of the cutting sticker display case. According to Eko, it was masking tape that had been used up to install cutting stickers which were done at the shop.

"It can still be used, so one of the advantages of installing stickers in stores is that the masking tape can be stored again. If it's only for moving cutting stickers, it can be used many times," he said.

The condition is that the masking tape is not wet with water. During a pandemic, a sticker maker like Eko must be good at saving all resources.

Installing Manual Masking Tape

To get the cutting sticker that sticks perfectly, the previous process, namely the installation of masking tape, is very decisive.

If the installation of the masking tape on the cutting sticker is flat and straight, the cutting sticker that is transferred from the backing paper to the media should be neatly attached.

However, if the masking tape is messy, there are lots of bubbles and joints, you'll understand if the results are not satisfactory.

Unfortunately, if the dissatisfied customer is a customer, regret can arise in the future. Such is regret, always comes later.

Because if it appears in front of his name, it does not regret, but registration hehe (don't be so serious, boss).

Because it plays a very important role in the final result of installing cutting stickers, it is better for those of you who are just learning stickers to pay attention to the things below.

1. Determine the Masking Tape Width

It's been mentioned above, I hope you're not offended hehe. Make sure the width of the masking tape that will be used matches the entire cutting sticker to be coated.

If you have to, there's nothing wrong with overlapping the edges of the masking tape if the sticker size is too wide.

For example, you only have masking tape with a width of 15 centimeters, while the height of the letters to be installed is 25 centimeters.

Masking only half the height of the letters, then the other half install the same way. Automatically in the middle, there will be a meeting between the edges of the masking tape.

2. Don't Be Alone

This oath is not a matter of fear or anything like that. Lha wong just masking tape, why are you afraid of yourself? Besides that, we have never heard of a ghost resembling masking tape hehe.

If you only put masking tape for small cutting stickers like 10 x 30 centimeters, you have to be brave. If you don't dare to bring a cutter.

If the cutter isn't enough to make you brave, take the heat gun with you. If there are various things, remove the cutter or heattgun.

Ngeeeeng ngng.... ng.... then hot steam will gush from the muzzle of the heat gun.

Ask a friend for help if the media to be fitted with masking tape is wide enough. Trust me a friend will feel how valuable he is when you face conditions like this.

3. Don't be extravagant

Remember, save money when you're rich, work hard when you're smart. Save so that you become rich, don't be extravagant. Rich heart means boss...

So that you don't throw away the masking tape in vain, try turning the masking tape over. On the surface of the floor or table or whatever place to place the cutting sticker, pull the masking tape with the adhesive position on top.

One person pulls or removes it from the roll, the other holds the masking tape roll. Will the length cover the entire width of the cutting sticker underneath?

Next, cut the masking tape using a kitchen knife, hehe. You can curl all the ends of the masking tape later. Yes, use a cutter knife.

4. Install Masking Tape Not Tug of War

It's time to attach the cut masking tape to the surface of the cutting sticker underneath. First, flip it over so that the adhesive masking tape is now facing down.

In this position, be careful not to let the masking tape fall down. If that happens and the adhesive plastic lightly kisses the surface of the cutting sticker, hi.....

One person holds both ends of the masking tape, then another person also holds the other two ends. Try to pull it evenly so that the surface of the masking tape looks even.

Don't because one of them is big and then he pulls it hard, his friend might snuggle his face into the masking tape.

5. One Below One Above

Oops, don't be paranoid, don't be scary. This is a matter of installing masking tape.

When sure it's ready to be attached, one of two people attaches masking tape to the surface of the cutting sticker.

Act followed by the other friend by putting it down slowly. As long as the first person puts the masking tape perfectly, then the second person's task is lighter.

However, there is also a technique of putting masking tape onto the surface of the cutting sticker at the same time between the four corners.

Apply to Stacked Stickers

Masking tape is used to make the installation of cutting stickers easier. Also to carry out the process of transferring the cutting sticker parts to be put together. However, the masking technique error will damage the cutting sticker itself.

Some of the mistakes that often occur include uneven sticker surfaces, bubbles, or the stack position is not symmetrical and sometimes even incorrectly pasted because the masking suddenly falls.

If you make large-sized stacked cutting stickers, you may be able to use the help of water that has been mixed with a little shampoo to stack them. However, if the sticker pile is only 15 or 20 centimeters in size, it would be inconvenient if you have to spray the auxiliary liquid. To be sure, the presence of masking tape to stack stickers is absolutely necessary here.

The method that I use to make the work pile up faster is to coat one sheet of masking tape with another sheet of masking tape. To make it easy, I made a double-layer masking tape. The explanation I can give here is that double masking tape is stiffer than single sheet masking tape.

Meanwhile, for the process of stacking the cutting stickers, the eyes must be careful and the position of the two hands holding each end of the tape at the end must match. If the masking tape is too thin, when you put it on, it doesn't cover the possibility that it will twist and turn and when you put it on, it's uneven.

In contrast to the use of double masking tape, it is more rigid and does not bend easily. So it's easier for you to position the sticker stack in its position. Double masking tape also makes it easier to lift the part of the cutting sticker that will be moved.

Don't worry, using double masking tape will not make your masking tape more wasteful. Because masking tape can be used many times.

Double layer masking tape is also very helpful when you are attaching or stacking letters or lowercase letters in position on the background. With this technique, I can easily paste 20 centimeters of words into the stack position very easily.

At some point, the strength of the masking tape will decrease. This means the adhesive will be reduced. The method is very easy, which is to separate the two layers of the double masking tape and move the position.

What was originally above becomes below, what is below becomes above. Thus, the bottom layer has a stronger adhesive because previously it was only attached to the masking tape below, not used to remove the sticker.

So these tips I post may be useful for friends who are in the cutting sticker business. ***

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