If Sticker Material Shifts When Cutting

Which of you has ever received an order for cutting stickers in the form of writing that exceeds 100 centimeters in length?

The cutting sticker material was indeed cut, but unfortunately shifted from the proper knife path. Even though when inserting the sticker material into the cutting machine, it is set to be completely straight.

Here I will share my experience about this problem machine. Lots of questions were sent to me. Most of these problems are found in sticker cutting machines made in China.

Have you ever realized that between sticker cutting machines there are spare parts that are not the same shape. The use or function is the same, but the shape is not the same from one another.

Pinch Roller

When we talk about sticker material that runs away when it is cut, there are parts that can be accused of being suspects. It's called a pinch roller.

It is called a pinch roller because its purpose is to clamp the sticker material so that it attaches to the rotating rod. It has small wheels wrapped in hard rubber.

This pinch roller is located on the top back of the sticker cutting machine. To clamp the material, the lever is fixed in the down position. To release the material the lever is pulled to the up position.

To discuss it I include two photos so that you can understand this article more easily. The picture below is the pinch roller for the Liyu brand sticker cutting machine.


In the picture above, there is a bolt head in the form of brass that can be rotated. It's right between the clamp levers. The bolts can be turned to the right or left.

If it is rotated to the right, it will strengthen the pressure of the spring under it. That is, the more it is rotated to the right of the bolt head, the stronger the sticker material will be pinched.

Vice versa, if it is rotated to the left then the spring strength will decrease. This adjustment must of course take into account the thickness of the material. And you also have to be able to determine when to turn the bolt head to the right or left.

The key, the rotation must be done on all existing bolt heads. If your sticker cutting machine has three pinch rollers, that means 6 screw heads are turning.

The number of turns on the bolt head may not be the same from one another. For example, if you feel the pressure of the sriker material on the right that often runs, just adjust the pinch roller on the right.

Furthermore, the pinch rollers listed below belong to the Kuco Teneth brand sticker cutting machine. I said earlier, both clamp rollers but different shapes.


In the photo above there is only the lever and clamping wheel. Not equipped with turning screw heads. If you replace the two pinch rollers of this machine with the rubber bands on the wheels not exactly the same, then your sticker material will forever run off track.

This is the case if you have three pinch rollers attached to a sticker cutting machine. Then you buy a new one, two seeds. While one is an old item.

When you load the material, press the clamp roller lever down and press the button to move the material up and down, the sticker material may run in its tracks.

This is because the rubber bandage of the pinch rollers is no longer the same strength. The new pinch roller will press harder because the rubber bandage is new, still thick.

While the old one is starting to wear out. Like motorcycle or car tires, if used continuously on paved roads, they will be bald too. And you have to replace it with a new one to avoid accidents on the road.


The pinch rollers you may never notice at all. You are busy with the design, the cutting machine and the result. Whereas pinch rollers can occupy the main order of spare parts that you should pay attention to.

It's not always that you get a little sticker job. Sometimes you have to cut the writing as high as 50 centimeters with a length of 150 centimeters. If you have a problem with your pinch roller, it hasn't reached the end yet, then one side of the attached sticker material will come off.

Hopefully this simple information can help your problem with the sticker material shifting when it is machine cut. ***

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