Adjusting the Cutting Machine Blade Pressure to Work Perfectly

Adjusting the knife pressure of a sticker cutting machine is must-have knowledge for machine operators. Why is this important? Because it will be related to the results.

The right pressure setting of the sticker cutting machine will produce a neat cut. Furthermore, the cut parts are easy to remove or lift to leave the parts that are used.

Every sticker maker should have knowledge of the materials he uses. There may be similarities between brand A and B ingredients.

Adjusting the Cutting Machine Blade Pressure to Work Perfectly

But not infrequently brand A and B materials have very much different properties. For example, material A has a thin vinyl layer, while material B has a very thick layer.

If you don't set the correct cutting machine knife pressure, then the results will certainly be disappointing. In the end, you can lose material because you have to throw it away.

For example, the needle pressure of a sticker cutting machine for brand A material is at number 50, so to cut brand B material, it must be increased.

Why is that? If the same pressure is applied to material B when cutting brand A, the knife tip will not penetrate the thicker vinyl.

That's what I mean you can lose twice if you don't understand how to adjust the pressure of the sticker cutting machine blade.

The first disadvantage is that your sticker cutting machine will dull quickly. The two sticker materials that should be money are just wasted.

Vinyl Thickness

You should know that the sticker material with a thin vinyl layer will cut perfectly with low pressure. Even so, it's a good idea to take preemptive action.

The action is in the form of a cutting test. Try to check whether the sticker cutting machine you bought has a cut function? If not, it's better to buy another brand.

The low pressure means that the blade of the sticker cutting machine only penetrates the vinyl layer, without damaging the protective paper at the bottom. The blade only cuts the vinyl layer.

If during the cut test using a pressure of 50 (for example) the cut is perfect, it's better to keep the number 50 earlier.

Well, when you then put in the thicker brand B material, the 50 pressure will not be able to cut the vinyl layer.

Maybe you can add to 100, 150, and the next number. Remember, the numbers 50, 100, 150, and so on are just examples. It could be that your sticker cutting machine has a pressure of 25, then 50, 75, and so on. Just adjust to the manufacturer.

There is no more appropriate step than doing a cut test. This job does not take up to minutes.


With one type of sticker cutting machine knife, you can actually use it to cut many brands of siker materials.

The key is in the attempt to cut earlier. This test cut will eat some of the ends of your material. If the material does not leave any residue, just use a similar sticker material. For example, those that are not used because the pieces are small. The important thing can be used for a cut test.

You should also make important notes that are placed on the wall near the sticker cutting machine. Just put it there, brand A material has a pressure of 50, brand B material has a pressure of 10, brand C material has a pressure of 150, and so on.

Hopefully this article will be useful for you. ***

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