Jinka Sticker Cutting Machine Facts You Must Know

There are a number of facts contained in the Jinka brand sticker cutting machine. I started with 11 things, but I will update so that the number can increase over time.

Facts about the Jinka cutting machine are some of the important things contained in the Jinka brand sticker cutting machine. Why is it necessary to review the facts about this machine?

It can be seen, the Jinka cutting machine has a charm that sticker players in Indonesia cannot ignore. Especially for beginners, when they want to open a business and look for cheap cutting machines, they go to Jinka.

Jinka Sticker Cutting Machine Facts You Must Know
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 There are also many articles that discuss this cutting machine. Buddy just clicks anywhere that is considered relevant and then reads it completely.

The following are facts about Jinka cutting machines which are summarized based on personal experience. Summaries from various sources also complement this article:

1. Made in China

If there are friends who don't know where this machine is made, the answer is China or China. The form of the country is a republic which is often abbreviated as PRC, China China, China or Mainland China.

A country located in East Asia with the capital city Beijing. With a population of 1.4 billion, China has a land area of ​​9.69 million square kilometers. This condition makes China the 3rd largest country in the world.

The country was founded in 1949 after the end of the civil war. At that time the government was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Although a communist country, the unique economy in this country has been privatized since 1980.

Until finally China became the economic ruler in Asia and even the world. Industrial cities are growing rapidly. Mala was born with a variety of technologies that are sold to many countries, including the Jinka cutting machine.

2. The meaning of the word Jinka

Although it comes from China, the word Jinka itself is not found in Chinese. When searching using an online translation, it is advisable to enter the word Jinka into Japanese.

And when put into Japanese, Jinka means house or residence. In Indonesia, a house or residence is a place to live that is able to protect humans from various weathers.

Is Jinka expected to be a shelter for those who enter the world of sticker cutting? Or is Jinka expected to be a tool that has a close relationship with humans like a house?

3. Keep Regenerating

Realizing that their products are selling well in the market, the Jinka manufacturer continues to innovate so that this tool can continue to be accepted. When the sticker world developed, Jinka also accompanied him by adding various features.

To this day, at least several variants of the Jinka cutting machine have been made. These products still dominate the sticker cutting machine market in Indonesia. While a single country machine like the Innograph for example, there is only one generation.

Another cutting machine that follows Jinka's way is Rhinotec. This machine also regenerates but is still less popular with Jinka.

The variants in full are:

  • Cutting Sticker Jinka 361
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka 721
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka 1351
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka XL-451E
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka XL-721E
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka XL-1351
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka Pro 450
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka Pro 720
  • Cutting Sticker Jinka Pro 1351

Will another variant be born considering the development of the cutting world continues? Let's just wait.

4. Advantages of Jinka Cutting Machine

Why the product is selling well in the market, one of the reasons for its users is a number of advantages embedded in it.

Some of these advantages include:

  • A stubborn and durable machine can be used as a mainstay for sticker players.
  • The price is relatively cheap because it can be purchased under Rp. 10 million.
  • It has many cutting areas, this is related to the Jinka type as mentioned in number 3 above.
  • Widely used by entrepreneurs, this has also become a kind of propaganda that has skyrocketed Jinka's name.
  • Elegant and sturdy design deliberately made and updated in terms of materials or colors.
  • The blade uses Roland, this is Jinka's uniqueness which can adopt cutting blades belonging to Premium cutting machines.

5. Contour Cut and Infra-Red

When consumers are increasingly spoiled, with the emergence of requests to cut sticker printing according to the outline, Jinka also innovates.

This can be seen when the Jinka XL series cutting machine was launched. In this product, there are changes that are quite striking compared to the previous product, the standard Jinka.

Jinka XL is equipped with a pocket for sticker material that has been cut. The goal is not to fall to the ground and get dirty.

Another feature is the presence of infrared which can be used for contour cut techniques. To perform this function, separate software is required. Actually, this function is not only available in Jinka, another machine that also has it is Liyu. Even though the quality of liyu is above Jinka, even though they are both made in China, the price of Liyu is still above Jinka.

Recently, most sticker cutting machines made in China also complement this feature with additional software such as FlexiSign and so on.

6. Windows 32 Or 64 Bit

The protest or confusion of new sticker-cutting players when installing Jinka was initially a matter of Windows. In the Jinka XL series, improvements are made to the system in it so that it can be compatible with Windows both 32 and 64 bits.

This is certainly encouraging for users because not all of them understand Windows. They know they bought a computer, not thinking whether 32 or 64 bit Windows is installed.

Meanwhile, computer technicians don't all understand whether 32 or 64 bit Windows will be used. Although the buyer said it would be used for a cutting machine, not everyone understood it.

7. Roland Cutting Knife

Because funds are limited, your choice of having a cutting machine in the shop is Jinka. Even though at first it was imagined to have a premium class cutting machine.

The premium class machine can be Graphtec, Mimaki, or Roland. But whatever the power, the price that is inversely proportional finally makes the choice fall to the Chinese machine.

But that's not too difficult buddy, right? Why? One of them was because the needle or knife used by this machine was the same as that used by Roland. So think of it as a Japanese-flavored Chinese cutting machine knife.

8. Certification of Authenticity

When buying a Jinka cutting machine, please check whether you receive a certificate of authenticity or not. This certificate is considered important because it represents an acknowledgment if the machine is actually made at the factory.

This certificate has also become a polemic some time ago. However, it must be applauded for the thought of this Chinese cutting machine manufacturer to maintain the authenticity of its properties.

The existence of this certificate of authenticity will reduce the doubts of buyers. So, have you saved the certificate of authenticity or displayed it on the wall of your sticker shop?

9. Equipment When Purchased

Buying a cutting machine, regardless of brand, will definitely get equipment. These additional items will be bundled with the machine. So, if you buy a Jinka cutting machine but don't have the equipment, please ask Mr. RT hehe.

Wrong guys, ask the shop where you bought it. You don't have to go to Mr. RT unless you stop by to get a domicile letter.

Then whether the completeness is complete?

  • Three pcs or better to replace three knife blades, hehe. Oh yes, as explained earlier, this knife is Roland's brand.
  • Artcut software is useful for making designs and then forwarded to the machine with computer commands.
  • Jinka Driver CD, this is very important because it will bridge the gap between the machine and the computer. This driver is like an agreement to accept each other.
  • Power Cables, COM Cables, USB Cables, basically everything about cables. It must be complete because it cannot immediately be replaced with ordinary cables that are widely sold in stores.
  • The manual is a complete guide on how to operate the machine, settings, and so on.

10. Compatible with Windows

If only the Jinka cutting machine was made specifically for computers with Windows 10 innards, well, there must be a lot of people protesting hehe.

Fortunately, the manufacturer is quite understanding, the sticker cutting players mostly use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and 8. Fortunately again Jinka does not demand that Windows must be genuine.

Thanks also should be given to Microsoft for creating Windows which is also undergoing improvements. Can not imagine if the computer operating system still maintains the DOS Prompt.

How to operate that is full of code, even to boot the computer, you have to insert and remove the boot CD. With Windows, things are so much easier.

11. Cut from Corel

Actually, this is the most asked. Because the CorelDraw graphics program can be called the program of a million people who are controlled by sticker builders. With minimal skills, you can already operate Jinka.

Because if you're honest, a sticker cutter only needs a few CorelDraw tools. Not everything has to be mastered unless you want to become a CorelDraw master. By the manufacturer, Jinka actually can be operated through several applications such as ArtCut and Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Illustrator) or AutoCad, but CorelDraw remains the main choice.

And in Jinka Pro, there is a cool feature called Corel Connect. ***

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